This alt-universe Rabooka grew up in a never-ending state of war and worked as a weaponsmith. Every day, he left his walled home city and snuck into the woods, where he had a secret workshop. But one day when he was in the forest, word came that the city had been completely cut off—no one could get in or out!

The siege went on for weeks as Rabbapulta worked tirelessly on his masterpiece. It could change the tides of battle, but he’d have to finish it in time…

Then one night, as the besieging army slept, Rabbapulta finally had the chance to unveil his creation!

Soldiers surrounding the city walls woke up and smelled sulfur. Was it a demon from Hell itself, flinging brimstone? No! It was a smallish but determined rabbit in a homemade catapult lobbing rotten eggs right into their open, sleeping mouths. Demoralized, the beseigners retreated, and Rabbapulta and his lord were able to recover the city.

Rabbapulta was now a hero, and the Magic Council of his homeworld gave him a special mission: To test their newly discovered Gateway magic! He just had to throw an egg through with his catapult, then follow to see where it landed.

Naturally, this left Rabbapulta stranded in our universe. However, his catapult technology was almost immediately recognized for its incredible egg-tossing abilities, and Rabbapulta found himself auditioning to become the Easter Bunny. It was an unexpected trajectory for a young rabbit from a medieval village, but at least he found a way to use his weapon for good!

Rabbapulta is a Thunder and Magic Controller with Cooldown Activation and Random Control skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Cooldown Immunity
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies a random Torture to all enemies at the start of the battle