This alternative-universe Kaori also overcame outdated gender roles. But instead of becoming Pure and fighting the darkness, she decided to embrace it, eventually leading her own criminal organization. For years, she surfed a tsunami of blood and money. But the tides of crime and business turn quickly, more so when they’re mixed together.

Kuromaku Kaori eventually found herself escaping from a violent coup with Akanoni, her faithful right-hand operative, and nothing else. Luckily for her, her universe was familiar with Glitcherine, and there was an open Gateway locked in the basement of Monstown’s City Hall. She and Akanoni blew the doors off their hinges and hopped into the portal with no destination specified.

When they landed in the Monster Legends universe, it did not go unnoticed. In fact, they were seized almost immediately and brought straight to Evaris Il Obscuro’s most secure conference room. No one seemed to know why except Evaris, but it’s not as if Syndicate goons ever question his decisions, so no one argued.

It turned out that Evaris knew exactly who Kuromaku Kaori was. Moreover, he appeared to be very interested in helping her re-establish her business, since he immediately sent her to work on Petra. Akanoni visits to check in with the boss every so often, but it seems that whatever Evaris told Kuromaku Kaori to do, she’s hard at work on it. Whatever they’re cooking up together can only spell trouble, but since no one knows what they’re up to, it’s been impossible for Elektra Patrol to investigate.

Kuromaku Kaori is a Dark and Thunder Support with Damage Boosts and Evasion skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Cooldown Immunity

Rank 1: Immune to Fear

Rank 3: Status Caster - All allies gain Dodge at the start of the battle