Known throughout the Free Reigns for his amazing parties, Satyrus is everyone’s best friend. He’s invited to every celebration and attends almost all of them, sometimes going to as many as five parties in a single night. His presence has benefits for the hosts, too—somehow, when Satyrus is around, everyone’s drinks stay full no matter how many sips they’ve taken. There’s a popular belief that Satyrus is the descendant of a long-forgotten party god, although it’s entirely possible he started that rumor himself to enhance his reputation.

But there’s a dark streak in Satyrus, a part of him that loves mischief even more than parties. Once Satyrus gets bored at an event, he starts to fiddle with his staff, haphazardly shooting magic at other guests. Anyone struck by Satyrus’s staff loses control of their faculties and starts dancing uncontrollably, sometimes until they fall down insensible from exhaustion. The effects don’t last forever, but all that dancing is tough, and monsters complain of worn-out shoes and sore muscles the next day.

If you decide to invite Satyrus to your next event, we recommend hiring a clown, a DJ, a fortune-teller, and a magician, plus providing lots of snacks. Hopefully, that will keep him entertained so he doesn’t cause havoc.

Satyrus is a Thunder and Magic Support with Celestial Hater, Underworld Hater, Curse, and Damage Boost skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Stun
Rank 1: Immune to Tortures
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies a 25% Damage Increase to all allies at the start of the battle