The Treasure Cave is unlocked at level 27, and it’s bigger than it looks! It has 30 rooms, but you can only visit them one by one. In every room, you’ll see 4 cauldrons. 3 of them contain rewards like Food, Gold, Gems, Monster Cells,..., but one of them contains a trap set by Avaritia.

Your chances of finding one of the rewards or the trap are equal (so there’s a 25% chance of finding the trap).

Every time you claim a reward, you’ll have two options:
Move to the next room or exit the Cave.

If you exit,
you’ll take all the rewards you’ve claimed with you, but you won’t be able to enter again unless you pay Gems to start over or you wait until the next time you enter again for free.

If you move to the next room,
the reward you’ve claimed will go to your Treasure Box and you’ll be able to continue claiming rewards, but you can also find a trap!