Colosseums are divided into 5 Arenas where different rarities and generations are allowed to fight:

- Stone Arena: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic monsters

- Bronze Arena: Legendary monsters

- Iron Arena: Original Mythic, Cosmic, and Corrupted monsters

- Steel Arena: Metropolitan, Doomed, and Blossom monsters

- Titanium Arena: Galactic, Survivors, Abyssal, and Ancestor monsters

Every Arena has its own leaderboard, and so do each of the 10 battle nodes in every Arena. Your goal will be to
get the highest score you can in each battle to climb the leaderboards!

Every time you enter a battle, you’ll be able to
choose between three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. 

Replay a battle as many times as you want to try and improve your score. The main tricks to do so will be to switch monsters, level them up, or rank them up, but there are other strategies you can try, like equipping them with different runes to increase the amount of Life your monsters have at the end of the battle.