Colosseum tournaments have a long history in Petra. The first Colosseum was built by King Yerex of the Light Kingdom and after him, many other faction leaders followed. In these magical venues, local factions would host competitive battles, welcoming neighbors and monsters from other origins. 

The most important part wasn’t to win as easily as possible, but to show skill a
nd make alliances with monsters from the hosting factions and close friends. Of course, the crowds cheered loudest for their local heroes! 

The highest Arenas hosted spectacular battles between top-ranking monsters, including the Ancestors, who had no trouble grabbing the attention of the audience.

It was all about skill, talent, respect and prestige. These healthy competitions, held away from all the wars happening outside the Colosseums, were hugely popular. In fact, they were so popular that they were exported to other planets, like Elektra, and some Faction Colosseums were even built in space!

However, as years went by, the popularity of Colosseum tournaments slowly dwindled. Ancestors started disappearing and, without their support, the population gradually lost interest in show battles.

Colosseums became merely a note in the history books, but now Ancestors are back and… they miss the traditions (and also the love) they used to enjoy in their old days!

The first monster to consider reopening his faction’s Colosseum was King Daeron II. He noticed that Griffania was restless. He thought about ways to bring her spirits up, and it dawned on him: He needed to reopen the Royal Colosseum!

Now that Daeron has opened the door of his Colosseum, every faction will surely follow!