What are rocks? Static, hard, unyielding. Something passive that can be used to build, to wound, to carve into whatever form pleases the stonecutter. They’re just rocks, and most monsters wouldn't give a second thought to kicking a stone or throwing it at their enemies.

But how do the rocks feel about that? 

“Nothing, because they’re rocks, weirdo,” is probably what you’d say in response, and that’s not surprising. A lot of people don’t expect rocks to strive for something more, let alone be capable of striving.

But one day, a rock suddenly realized it could choose. It chose not to be a tool. Not to be a weapon. Not to be shaped by anyone else. 

And the rock moved. Little by little, it moved. Finally, it gave itself one massive push and started to roll down the mountain.

As the rock rolled, it picked up others. They were just pebbles, and could never have moved on their own strength. But together with other rocks, they were weighty. They built up more and more momentum, gathering more rocks as they went…until the huge bolus of glittering shards suddenly slammed into a cliff face.

But instead of being deterred, they found cohesion and fused into a greater whole. And from this pile of unassuming pebbles rose a mighty warrior, Rockssandra, unifier of the overlooked.

Rockssandra is an Earth and Dark Attacker with Extra Turn skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Tough
Rank 3: Bulwark