Cookie-Sama’s not impressed with everything he’s heard about Son-Cookie. He’s a disciplined old warrior who might just be the saltiest cookie in the multiverse, and when tales of his vain counterpart’s shiny jelly buttons reached him, Cookie-Sama saw red (icing). No true warrior sits around shining their buttons! So, determined to crumble his alternate version, Cookie-Sama swung his huge, chocolatey mace onto his shoulder and headed through a Gateway.

When Cookie-Sama came through his gateway into the Monster Legends universe, he landed right outside the secret new headquarters of the Fury Dojo. He barely had time to react before they clobbered him over the head and dragged him, stunned, into their lair for interrogation.

Initially, the disgraced and desperate faction planned to eat Cookie-Sama, but after listening to his salty rants for a few minutes, they decided he’d be too tough and hard to make a good snack. However, he did seem like the perfect pastry to put on patrol around the new HQ, so that’s what they sent him to do.

Now Cookie-Sama loyally guards the Fury Dojo, having devoted himself entirely to their protection. It’s an even better deal for the Dojo than it seems, too—if they were ever really in a tough situation, they could still probably eat Cookie-Sama (as long as they also had a man-sized glass of milk to wash him down).

Cookie-Sama is a Dark and Earth Attacker with High Damage and Triple Damage Boost skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Immune to Freeze
Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains Stun at the start of the battle