We’ve supercharged the Legends Pass experience to make sure players get top value for subscribing! Here are all the changes you can look forward to:

  • Complete the Pass faster! Instead of 80, you now need only 60 points to reach the next node and collect your reward!

  • We’ve added 1900 Free Pass Monster Cells in the Golden Legends Pass…enough to rank the Free Pass monster up to Rank 3!

  • But don’t feel left out, Premium Legends Pass players, because you can collect a total of 3300 Free Pass Monster Cells, which will let you train it up to Rank 4!

  • Golden Legends Pass subscribers can snag 4400 Cells for the featured monster in their Pass, which is enough to rank it up to Rank 4!

  • Finally, Premium Legends Pass subscribers can look forward to obtaining 3800 Paid Pass Monster Cells, allowing them to rank that monster up to Rank 5!

Please note that in addition to the above benefits, we’ve removed the discount for entering Warmaster Dungeons. 

Ready to subscribe to the new high-values Legends Passes and maximize your Monster Legends experience? Follow this link to subscribe and score!