Bookeeperion is one of The Syndicate’s most unique operatives. While it operates as a single unit, there are two different robots attached to its base: Bookie and his taller counterpart, Perion. While both bots can perform the same financial functions, only Perion is an officially registered and licensed accountant, so Z-Corp and Zeo’s Grand Casino employees are careful to only use his services. At least, there’s no evidence they’ve ever done anything not above board.

The Syndicate, however, has no such compunction. In addition to using both Bookie and Perion to launder all their shady deals sparkling clean, they’ve been known to dress the robots up as a sweet old man and his grandson, take them to the horse races, and use Bookie’s predictive analysis program to identify winning horses. Then Perion places the actual bets on behalf of the gangsters, and everyone profits!

And if little Bookie occasionally doodles in his “grandfather’s” data and “accidentally” changes some numbers around, well…Z-Corp and the Casino hardly need to know about that, do they? Not if it benefits the conglomerate’s bottom line, anyway.

Bookeeperion is a Metal and Light Controller with Artifact as a Trait and Stun skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Artifact
Rank 1: Super Attuned in Area
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Minor Blind to all enemies at the start of the battle