Built to be an absolutely ironclad bouncer—err, sorry; that should read “dedicated Head of Corporate Security”—by Evaris Il Obscuro, Enforcerion is the only construct in Z-Corp who answers directly to ZEO. In fact, he might be one of the only beings ZEO puts any kind of trust in, since he’s also the big cheese’s main muscle and bodyguard. Enforcerion can only execute a handful of largely violent functions, but he does so very well.

But while Enforcerion doesn’t deviate much from his programming, he’s not immune to code degradation. Occasionally he acts in ways completely counter to his programming, which would be terrifying to anyone less arrogant than ZEO. But it’s as if the bossman doesn’t even notice those moments when his robot bodyguard goes on the fritz, probably because that doesn’t affect profit margins.

What ZEO should be concerned about, since Enforcerion’s occasional uncontrollable violent outbursts don’t faze him, is that his pet robot’s actual primary function is one he’s never considered: A constant live feed directly into the luxurious lair of Evaris Il Obscuro himself. But what could ZEO be doing to draw the big boss’s attention? Surely not trying to undercut him…

Enforcerion is a Metal and Dark Attacker with Artifact as a trait.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Artifact
Rank 1: Taunt
Rank 3: Super Attuned