The Multiplayer Mode has been reborn with a new name, new looks, new rewards, and so much more!



Multiplayer Tournaments are set to become the place where you go to stock up on rank-up resources for every Mythic generation, among other rewards!



One of the main goals of the Multiplayer Tournaments is to bring fairer battles to every Monster Master playing this game mode. For this reason, within every league, where there can be thousands of players, you’ll join a group of 50 Monster Masters that are similar to you in terms of skill. 

During the duration of each Tournament (one week) you’ll fight against rivals from across the entire League, but you’ll compete for promotion to the next League only against the Masters from your group.

At the end of the Tournament, the top Monster Masters will be promoted to a higher League, while the ones at the bottom will get demoted to a lower one. 

Make sure you come around and play, otherwise, you’ll lose unclaimed rewards and progressively get demoted to lower Leagues! If you fail to enter a new tournament after one week, you will lose your unclaimed rewards and start getting demoted.

If you’ve been out for a bit, come back and reclaim your status!



Out with the old Trophies, in with a simpler concept: Score! You’ll earn score points for every successful attack or defense battle, and lose points for failing an attack or a defense.

The higher you are on your group’s leaderboard, the lower the amount of points you’ll get for your successful battles, so if you want to get promoted, stay alert and keep up the fight to remain at the top of the board!

With the start of a new Tournament, your score will reset and you’ll join a new group, either within the same League (if you haven’t been promoted or demoted) or a different one (if you were promoted or demoted!)



There will no longer be a new monster whose Cells you can obtain exclusively in Multiplayer Chests, but this doesn’t make Multiplayer rewards less meaningful, on the contrary: Multiplayer Tournaments will shower you with what you want most: Rank-up resources for every Mythic Generation. The higher your league, the more resources you can get for monsters of newer generations. 

You will get the same array of resources at the end of the tournament, but the higher your final position, the more of those rewards you’ll get. Strive for the top!



While all leagues have an infinite number of groups housing 50 Monster Masters each, the one at the very top is special: The Olympus League has ONE single group with the best of the best, who will fight each other for glory and the best rewards the Tournament has to offer!


That’s all you need to know about the new Multiplayer Tournaments! Now go play!