After years of exploring various dimensions in different investigation teams, gathering information about creatures, and improving his battle databases, Hackster stumbled upon a finding. It wasn't a groundbreaking advancement in his research; instead, it was the sudden discovery of something that hadn't been there before. A rift between dimensions had emerged, expanding before his eyes. Hackster was never one to sit and wait, so he decided to jump right into the rift.

He landed in the most peculiar corner of the multiverse—a medieval city governed by dragons! As he wandered, he noticed whispers surrounding him: "Is that Lord Flamster?" or "What attire does Lord Flamster don today?" Intrigued, he decided to look for that mysterious Lord Flamster right away. When he found him, it was the most bizarre thing ever, like looking into a medieval mirror.

"Are you... me?" inquired Hackster, confused.

"Indeed, dear sir, you bear a striking resemblance, yet I suspect we're not quite the same creature," replied Lord Flamster, also quite confused. "I am Lord Flamster, the Master of Dragons. After years of learning every dragon's skill in this realm, I utilize my unparalleled knowledge to orchestrate magnificent tournaments in this city!"

"Huh," mustered Hackster. "See, that's funny. That's kinda the same as I do in my hometown. I compile databases of skills, using them in battles or equipping my friends to anticipate any possible opponent strategy."

"How fantastically fascinating!" exclaimed Lord Flamster.

In the hours that followed, Lord Flamster explained more about his dragon-centered work and, as he spoke, Hackster gradually realized that Lord Flamster was indeed a version of himself, just in a different universe, a Hackster from another reality.

Departing from Lord Flamster, Hackster returned to Elektra with a smile, entertaining the idea that perhaps every reality housed its own Hackster—a master of battles unique to each universe.

Lord Flamster is a Metal Fire Controller with Corrupted, Possession, Nanovirus, Ignite, Fire Weakness, and Metal Weakness skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Tough
Rank 1: Immune to Control
Rank 3: Status Caster: Applies Ignition to all enemies at the start of the battle