ZEO asked Dr. Wattz to find a way to make crops grow faster so he could monetize agricultural production in Elektra. Wattz was lost in experimenting when he accidentally poured a beaker of chemical waste on a test plant. He expected it to shrivel up and die, but it actually seemed to grow a little bit taller, and started glowing green.

Most monsters would feel bad about dousing an innocent plant with chemical runoff, but Dr. Wattz is not one of them. Excited by this unexpected reaction, he began pouring all sorts of interesting chemicals into the plant pot. He even included a few tiny specks of Glitcherine, just to see what it could do as a transformational substance.

The plant suddenly grew two meters, sprouted arms and legs, and began to howl angrily. Science!/n
Dr. Wattz wasn’t strong enough to fight off the enraged plant-monster as it shoved past him and ran for freedom, and despite searching frantically for days, he never saw Poweroot again. But ZEO’s been asking for the results of his experiment, so Wattz has to decide: Does he come clean about what happened, or should he track Poweroot down and destroy him before ZEO finds out?

Poweroot is a Thunder and Nature Tank with Roots, Shock, Poison, and Healing skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Possession
Rank 1: Cooldown Immunity
Rank 3: Status Cater - All enemies gain Shock at the start of the battle