In an alternate universe, The Firestorm never became the superhero he was always meant to be, and that changed everything.

During a pitched battle on the streets of his version of Monstown, young Fire saved the life of their Elektra Patrol’s Ancestor. The grateful Ancestor promised to make Fire a superhero and a full member of the Patrol, but for various vague reasons, he never followed through on this.

That betrayal twisted something in Fire’s mind. Had he not already performed a superhero’s duty, thereby proving himself? How could anyone be so ungrateful? These corrosive thoughts turned this idealist into the rage-fueled Cometstorm, hell-bent on revenge.

In The Cometstorm’s mind, he wasn’t the bad guy—he was the true hero, standing up against the weak and ineffective Elektra Patrol! They had to be stopped. Corrected. It was time for him to shine…or burn, since he “solved” his little problem by blowing up Elektra Patrol HQ and everyone in it. 

During the chaos afterward, The Cometstorm strode through the rubble, looking for survivors. But the only thing somehow left intact in the remains of the HQ was a strange portal, which seemed to sparkle, glow, and…glitch? Curious, and with nothing to lose, The Cometstorm decided to step through.

When he found himself in another Monstown, The Cometstorm realized he’d found his path towards true superheroism: Eliminate the Ancestors of every Elektra Patrol, in every universe, and he’d finally be able to rise as the multiverse’s most powerful, heroic monster. And he’s just landed in Monster Legends’s most familiar universe. But Jestin Justice is already dead in this universe, so he’ll be moving on soon…right?

The Cometstorm is a Fire and Dark Attacker with Double Damage and Burning skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Burning
Rank 1: Immune to Nightmares
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Burn to all enemies at the start of the battle