When her version of Elektra Patrol was wiped out, UV Forge lost everyone she cared about, including her lover, VoltaiK. Her rage and grief were so strong that she decided to join the Dark Blades. UV Forge quickly realized this was a mistake, but Nishant has never let anyone just walk away from the Blades, so what could she do but stay?

One night, UV Forge was cleaning the museum when she spotted Nishant’s latest acquisition: Glitcherine. She’d heard about the mysterious substance before and knew it could be used to create paths between universes, but didn’t know how it worked. Still, she was desperate, so UV Forge snatched the Glitcherine up, used it to draw a Gateway, and asked it to take her where she was needed the most.

To UV Forge’s shock, she landed in another Dark Blades hideout. However, it seemed a lot…nerdier…than the one she had just left. It was also under attack by the Malevolent Council, an evil version of the Magic Council who wanted to steal everything in the Museum (which, in this universe, was called the Dark Blades’ Museum of Cool Stuff and Friendship). Seeing that this new group of Blades was overwhelmed, and that many of them were trying to fight and protect their glasses at the same time, UV Forge quickly cut a swath through the Malevolent Council and sent them running.

The “Dork” Blades were impressed and grateful, since none of them enjoyed fighting. When they learned that UV Forge was not only happy to fight, but that she knew about everything in their Musuem, they begged her to stay and be their leader. And while she knew she might leave them eventually, UV Forge accepted.

UV Forge is a Magic and Dark Attacker with the Control Immunity Trait, and Trample and Remove Evasion skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Control
Rank 1: Tough
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Evasion at the start of the battle