ZEO has an almost perfect life. So perfect that he doesn’t like it when not absolutely everything goes his way. Something is bugging him and he knows that there isn’t a solution. At least not in Elektra, or in his universe. But what about other universes? Is there any reality where that thing he wants so badly is his? 

He’s willing to find out and, to achieve it, he’s hired the services of a mad scientist. What could go wrong when you start manipulating other realities? Surely nothing… right?


Multiverse Mythics

With unlimited access to unlimited realities, the Multiverse Mythics are the strongest Mythics the Monster Legends Universe has ever seen. Heroes, villains, citizens – even old friends can come back as enemies from an alternate dimension!


Main factions in this Era

  • The Syndicate: We’ll see two sides of this faction: your old gangster friends, and a group we like to call “evil corp”, led by ZEO. Never trust shady businessmonsters. 

  • Cosmo Civilizations: They’re an eclectic group of civilizations, but they are organized and heavily hierarchic. The desire to control the universe brings them together.

  • Elektra Patrol: They are the banners of Justice inside Elektra, and want peace and prosperity for everyone, everywhere.


New rank-up material: Glitcherine

There’s a texture that appears around the multiverse gateways. It’s been collected and encapsulated with the help of cutting-edge technology created specially for the occasion. It’s highly unstable, but extremely powerful, so make your best to get as much as possible in the Caverns of Ascension!

You can use Glitcherine to rank-up all generations of Mythic monsters, but remember that Multiverse Mythics will only accept Glitcherine to be ranked-up. And just a reminder that Northberries will now only rank up Alpine monsters.


Adventure Map Islands

New battles available to you VERY soon!

And, of course, there are a few surprises coming, but all in due time. For now, it’s time to start a kind of journey we’ve never known before!


Starting date: 10-November-2023