As a Magic Council apprentice, Killamancer had longed to explore the darker, more dangerous forms of magic. He loved demonology more than any other discipline, and although his tutors warned him not to look too deep into that abyss, Killamancer found himself inexorably drawn toward the study of demons. While outwardly swearing off the discipline, he spent his days obsessing over demonology, and his nights reading every tome he could find on the subject.

When the day came for Killamancer to put on his journeyman’s cloak and take his first steps towards becoming a Council representative, he shocked everyone by refusing the promotion. Instead, he set out for Dark Blades territory, swearing to follow his heart down the path that felt right, no matter how twisted it might be.

Little has been heard of Killamancer since then, although some Magic Council members have reported a rise in demonic energy in the region of the Dark Blades’ lair. But to be entirely truthful, perhaps it would be better if no one spoke of him again—everyone knows demons are drawn to the sound of their own names, especially those who have just been turned.

Killamancer is a Metal and Dark Controller with Possession skills and the Block Resurrect trait.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Blocks Resurrect
Rank 1: Trait Protection
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Torture Immunity at the start of the battle