Kiridar and her Pilgrims were traveling through space when they flew into a debris field. They knew the debris was from a Cosmo Civilizations ship, but they had no idea what had happened. Even more mysterious was something they found in the debris: A smooth metal ball, which looked like a bomb but seemed non-reactive when tested. Unsure of what it was, but hoping to sell it as scrap, the Pilgrims brought it aboard.

To their great surprise, the ball suddenly split apart to reveal a deactivated robot! Kiridar cleaned it off and turned it on, hoping to get information about Cosmo Civilizations, but the robot remembered nothing except its name: Mekantor.

As was her custom, Kiridar invited Mekantor to stay and fight on their side. However, many of the Pilgrims disliked him immediately. Maybe its bland, robotic personality is just too basic. Maybe its former association with Cosmo Civilizations makes it impossible to trust. Or maybe it’s because, behind its carefully neutral diodes, there’s a spark of spirit that seems not just un-robotic, but somewhat spooky.

Is Mekantor a true Pilgrim, or is he watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike? No one’s sure, not even Kiridar.

Mekantor is an Earth and Light Support with Total Blind and Light Weakness skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Tough
Rank 1: Immune to Tortures
Rank 3: Status Caster: All enemies gain Light Weakness at the start of the battle.