He was born Gregorz of Lyria, although he’d never even been there. Still, tradition ran strong in his family: Gravorz, his grandfather, had been one of the founding fathers of the Adventurer’s Guild, a noble warrior turned headsman who led his people from the ruins of Lyria to their new home at the Village of Adventurers. Along with Baba Basheer and Tyr Stormbringer, who formed the Adventurous Triad of Guild core principles, Gravorz was a symbol of tradition and Adventurer exceptionalism who adhered fiercely (perhaps stubbornly) to his values at all costs.

But after Khalorc Rageskin threatened the Village, Baba Basheer reemerged with an important message for Gregorz: Even his grandfather wouldn’t have insisted on tradition if it meant the Guild and Village would be destroyed. With his people’s best interests in mind, Gregorz swallowed his pride and formed an alliance with the Summitfolk against the Barbarian threat.

Baba Basheer, feeling that this meant Gregorz was finally ready to realize his destiny, gave him Gravorz’s token, in which the old Guildmaster’s spirit resided. When Gregorz took it in hand, his soul fused to Gravorz’s, and thus the history of the Guild was embodied in its future./n
Guildmaster Gregorz is a Thunder and Nature Attacker with High Damage skills and the Control Immunity trait.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Control
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Status Caster: All enemies gain Shock at the start of the battle