Yoshisama is the last surviving monk of a long-dead religious movement named the Iron Crows, wiped out decades previously by the Fury Dojo. The monks of Yoshisama’s order knit their flesh to burnished metal in a secret ceremony, making them extra tough. When Yaoguai Wangzhou couldn’t steal or otherwise discover the order’s secret armoring magics, he decided to melt them all in a huge cataclysmic fireball, eliminating every member except a few scouts.

Yoshisama had been one of those scouts. Unseen by the enemy forces, he lay hidden in the grass and watched as the Fury Dojo set everything he knew on fire. Swearing vengeance, he disappeared into the mountains.

Hidden among rocks and trees, Yoshisama perfected the armoring techniques of his people until his entire body was unforgiving metal. He honed his fighting skills to perfection and sharpened his hatred for Yaoguai Wangzhou along with his talents. After decades of practice, he was finally ready to take on the entire Fury Dojo!

But when Yoshisama returned to society, he learned that the Fury Dojo had been defeated and its remaining members chased off. Undaunted, he immediately went to his old friend Sensei Pandaken and asked if he could join the Honor Dojo, which Pandaken was happy to accept. Now Yoshisama trains the Honor Dojo’s scouts to be the ultimate Fury Dojo assassins, just in case Yaoguai Wangzhou ever decides to strike back.

Yoshisama is a Metal and Water Support with Torture Immunity, Torture Removal, Precision, and Damage Boost skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Stun
Rank 1: Immune to Blind
Rank 3: Status Caster: All allies gain Precision at the start of the battle