Gugul was a masked dancer in Baba Basheer’s circus. After the Sack of Lyria, they decided to join the other survivors on their quest to start a new village.

At first, the Lyrians didn’t think Gugul would be much help in this dangerous journey. They scoffed at the idea that a dancer would be any good at hunting or battle, and some even privately considered adding Gugul’s tender flesh to the stewpot when the party ran short of food.

One day, their party was attacked by Barbarian scouts. They were crossing a vast prairie and had no way to hide from the attack. The Lyrians held their own at first, but were quickly outmatched.

This finally gave Gugul a chance to show off their skills! With a whoop, Gugul leaped recklessly into the battle and began their wildest, most impressive dance. With the element of surprise on Gugul’s side, they managed to distract the Barbarians just long enough for the Lyrians to seize the advantage and send their attackers running.

After that, no one ever questioned Gugul‘s skillset again. In fact, they’ve been teaching Dance Combat to Adventurers’ Guild trainees ever since!

Gugul is a Magic and Light Controller with Time Stop and Freeze skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: True Vision
Rank 1: Anticipation
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Stamina Regeneration at the start of the battle