This clever little alchemist lives on the outskirts of the Light Kingdom, brewing artisanal potions and tonics for all the monsters in the neighborhood. She’s a friendly sort who loves meeting new monsters and never says no to a juicy bit of gossip, although she’s not the type to spread it herself.

But while Magoat is truly sweet and kind, she’s no trifling hedge witch: her brews are strong and effective, and she’s spent years refining her alchemical formulas based on the latest science. Nor is she a dewy-eyed naif, as more nefarious would-be customers have discovered. While Magoat certainly can whip up deadly poisons and the most virulent of toxins, she’ll never be tricked or cajoled into doing so, and anyone asking for such things is sent away with a firm refusal. Anyone foolish enough to try and press her further quickly learns that the customer can be very, very wrong indeed…

Magoat is a Light and Earth Support with Total Blind and Random Torture skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: True Vision
Rank 1: Immune to Bleed
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains a random Protection at the start of the battle