Most people who look at Jellymer think he’s a big ol’ softy. And he is, both in terms of personality and texture! Jellymer is head of the Magic Council’s Safe Travel initiative, where he arranges patrols of local roads in order to protect traveling monsters. He’s known for being friendly and helpful to everyone he meets, often staying in touch with travelers he rescues and forming friendships. Jellymer loves studying and is known to recommend books to travelers he meets, and he’s also great at knowing when criminals are about to strike.

In fact, maybe he’s too good at that—almost like someone’s telling him in advance. Perhaps he’s scrying the future in a crystal ball, which is a perfectly ordinary thing for any Magic Council member to do. Maybe he’s using a spell to create a magical warning system. Or maybe he’s a former member of a bandit band who trades the Magic Council’s resources to criminals in exchange for information. But that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? There’s no way this big purple sweetheart has a shady criminal past!


Jellymer is a Magic and Nature Tank with Random Debuff, Bane, and Life Regeneration skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immunity to Possession
Rank 1: Immunity to Curse
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Taunt at the start of the battle