Unlike Khalorc Rageskin’s other minions, Goblarzd is neither petty nor political. This dark druid is far from Khalorc’s equal, yet he doesn’t tremble before his master, instead feeling slightly superior to the angry hulk. When Khalorc was away, Goblarzd moved far from the other Barbarians and immersed himself in research, grateful not to have to hear Mosklin’s droning voice…or Bruzard’s imitation of Mosklin’s voice…or Gobzerkir’s dimwitted snickers every time he hard Bruzard’s imitation of Mosklin’s voice…

But when Khalorc returned to power on the material plane, he summoned Goblarzd right away, and the druid reluctantly left his hermitage to join the Barbarian hordes again. After all, he was sworn to serve Rageskin, and even he wasn’t powerful enough to sever that magical bond. But even after he bowed against to his lord, Goblarzd’s mind was frantically trying to work out a way to force his release from Khalorc’s service.

Thus, while Goblarzd outwardly serves Kahlorc Rageskin with pure loyalty, his mind is often elsewhere, running through every arcane secret he knows in his desperate search to break free.

Goblarzd is a Nature and Magic Support with Healing and Control Removal skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Immune to Control

Rank 1: Block Resurrect

Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Torture Immunity at the start of the battle