A peculiar monster, Albynassa reeks of misery and discontent. If it slinks near the borders of a settlement, the monsters living there have hideous dreams. They wake up plagued by false suspicions and turn violently against their neighbors out of sheer paranoia, a state of insanity cured only by Albynassa’s departure.
Warmaster Babari took advantage of Albynassa’s skills and, fortified by one of Sorcerice’s potions, met with the antagonistic monster to strike a vicious deal: He would give Albynassa a precious Northberry, which would amplify its twisted powers. In exchange, Albynassa promised to keep the path between the Summitfolk village and the Valley of Adventurers open only to Warmaster’s allies.

But Albynassa, no mindless hulk, wanted more than one berry for its service. In exchange for a second Northberry, it offered to brush up along the edges of the incoming Barbarian camps from then on, a move that would send the invaders into uneasy chaos. The Warmaster wisely agreed, thinking he now had one more weapon in the war against the Barbarians. But will Albynassa keep its word? That hasn’t been tested yet…

Albynassa is a Light and Fire Support with Damage Increase, Random Hater, Taunt Hater, and Hardened Hater skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Area Dodge
Rank 1: Abomination
Rank 3: Status Caster: All allies gain a random Hater trait at the start of the battle