Calida was left outside Mjolnir’s forge as an egg. Considering it another experiment, Mjolnir gently placed the egg in his Forge to stay warm until it hatched. To his surprise and great interest, the runic energies from the Forge permeated the eggshell and infused the egg with a natural glow.

When the egg hatched, the baby monster inside came out shining with inner fire and infused with those magical traces swirling in the Forge. Mjolnir was delighted with the results of his new experiment…plus, the baby was rather cute. So he named her Calida and decided to raise her as his apprentice.

Calida grew up to be an eager assistant, but she was as wild as the flames she was born into, and Mjolnir had to adjust his expectations. His adolescent ward didn’t have the methodical nature for metallurgic experimentation yet. However, he didn’t want to discourage her, so he forged her a beautiful flaming warhammer and charged her with guarding his Forge for the time being.

Calida’s an excellent guard, and she takes her work seriously. But she’ll never give up on becoming Mjolnir’s full apprentice—she’s just got to find a way to control her explosive impulses first.

Calida is a Fire and Metal Attacker with Stun, Burn, Ignite, and Daze skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Fear
Rank 1: Immune to Ignite and Burning
Rank 3: Status Caster: Applies Burning to all enemies at the start of the battle