One-on-one robot fights are the hottest trend in the Wastelands right now, and The BaroneX was a massive fan at first. But after betting on matches for a while, she started to get a little bored.

However, this gave her an idea. Sure, gambling on the fights was fun, and she’d collected quite a few rewards, but the fat purses of gold given to a winning robot’s owner were enough to make anyone drool. Clearly, she could pick a winner better than anyone else…why not use those skills to build her own robotic champion?

Using her connections—plus a few threats—The BaroneX found (kidnapped) engineers to build her perfect robotic gladiator. The result was Bandolero, a ferocious-looking melee fighter with one of the wickedest weapons in the Wastelands. He was programmed to not only triumph in combat, but to do so in the messiest way possible, spraying the walls of the arena in motor oil and stray bolts as he carves his opponents apart—always a hit with the spectators!

Bandolero is a Fire and Metal Attacker with Abomination Hater and Torture Immunity traits.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Tortures
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Abomination Hater at the start of the battle