Long ago, some of the founding members of the Adventurer’s Guild were exploring the most remote mountainous regions of Petra when they encountered a rudimentary settlement. Since their maps claimed the region was uninhabited, this was an incredible discovery!

The monsters in that strange little village weren’t friendly, but after Tyr shared some of his food and supplies with them, they started telling him stories about their mountain home.

One in particular caught Tyr’s interest—about a mountain fruit that held mysterious powers. He became obsessed with tracking down a Northberry bush. Sadly, Tyr’s companions weren’t as fascinated, and they eventually had to return home…without Tyr.

Luckily, Tyr had proven himself valuable to the people in the village, and they asked him to stay. They had no leader, but it soon became clear that Tyr Stormbringer was meant for that role, and he accepted with honor.

This new civilization grew to be just like Tyr: fiercely independent, fond of the cold, and deeply protective of allies. When Tyr eventually disappeared, the Summitfolk carried on in exactly the same way, never straying from their isolationist way of life.

With Tyr’s return, will he finally learn how to exploit the power of Northberries? And can he possibly save his tiny, isolated faction from certain doom?

Tyr Stormbringer is a Thunder and Metal Attacker with Torture Explosion and Insane Damage skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Bulwark

Rank 3: Immune to Freeze

Rank 4: Immune to Stun

Rank 5: Status Caster - Gains Immunity to Shock at the start of the battle.