After being pushed around by so many factions in Petra, Barbarians are tired of being in no-monster’s-land. In spite of their nomad nature, they’re considering putting down roots somewhere, and the place they’ve thought about is the mountains! However, when they get up there, they find that the area they were planning on taking isn’t free. A faction that’s been isolated for a very long time lives there and isn’t willing to leave or make room for dozens of Barbarian hordes. Uh-oh.

Alpine Mythics

They are the mountain’s best-kept secret, and for a good reason. This new-found generation of Mythics is the strongest lineage to date. They’ve been undisturbed for centuries, and they hide one or two secrets under their sleeve… 👀

New rank-up material: Northberry

Northberry is an extremely delicate fruit that grows under a thin veil of frost up in the most remote rocks of the Frozen Peaks. The Summitfolk faction has always known about the Northberry’s extraordinary properties, which allow monsters to transform and power up, but due to its delicate nature, up until now, they had never found a way to manipulate and use it without spoiling it. Thankfully, they’ve found the way just in time, and Northberry will be the seed of the entire Alpine generation!

You can use Northberry to rank-up all generations of Mythic monsters, but remember that Alpine Mythics will only allow Northberry to be ranked-up. On the other hand, from now on, Corallia will only be valid to rank up Abyssal monsters.

Runes (Coming soon)

Mjolnir, like the Norse Guardian he is, has a special relationship with the Summitfolk faction. So to support their grand entrance into action, he wants to help them. However, a Guardian needs to remain impartial so, of course, you can equip his latest creation on any of your monsters: During the Alpine Era, the maximum level of runes will go up to level XIV, so you’ll be able to craft those at the Runes Building.


And, of course, there are a few surprises coming, but all in due time. For now, it’s time to retreat to the mountains and uncover all the secrets they harbor.

Starting date: 26-May-2023