The mountains stretching between the Rocky Peaks and Fiery Pits are studded with thousands of fossils. While the locals have many legends about the long-dead creatures trapped in those rocks, no one ever suspected that any could still be alive after millions of years.

One day, a volcano erupted with such force that it crumbled the neighboring peak into a pile of boulders. Inside the core of this mountain was an enormous fossilized spider covered in ruby crystals—one of the most incredible sights most witnesses had ever seen!

The Adventurer’s Guild heard about this incredible find and sent agents to examine the fossil, and recover it if possible. The residents of the Fiery Pits and Rocky Peaks didn’t like that idea much, and a bitter argument ensued between the representatives of all three groups. It was just about to rise to a boil when the great fossil shocked them all by suddenly moving its long legs. It was alive!

This ended the fighting very effectively. Once Arachnoflam started pulling itself free from the rock, all three faction representatives turned tail and ran.

Arachnoflam is a Fire and Earth Attacker with Burn, Hellfire, and Extra Turn skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Immune to Fear

Rank 1: Immune to Burning

Rank 3: Status Caster - Increases its Precision by 50% at the start of the battle