When the ancestors of the Summitfolk were adventurers, one group set out in search of a mystical island, which was rumored to hold a source of great power. However, despite searching for many weeks, the ship’s crew didn’t find a single island.

They were running out of food when a huge, snowcapped mountain suddenly appeared on the horizon. The long beach was covered in softly glowing berry bushes, which looked delicious to the hungry travelers.

As their ship attempted to land on the beach, a massive wave suddenly rose up and pushed the boat sideways. It came aground on a patch of Northberries, splashing the prow of the ship with juice.

The ship’s figurehead took on the same faint glow. Before their astonished eyes, the carved wooden dragon began to twist and pulse and come to life! Soon it stood before the crew as a shining warrior, Drakkarhed.

Deciding not to eat the berries for safety’s sake, but to find some other way to harness their power, the adventurers decided to climb the mountain in search of more. Drakkarhed continued on with them, as a crewmate this time rather than a decoration.

Drakkarhed is a Metal and Light Tank with Megataunt and Torture skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Tough

Rank 1: Immune to Freeze

Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains MegaTaunt at the start of the battle