During one of her many travels, Helgudin was crossing a mountain range when she came across the frozen body of a female wolf. A tiny puppy clung to her belly, whimpering. Although Helgudin wasn’t a very sentimental monster, she couldn’t leave the little pup to freeze as well, so she put him against her skin and carried him to the nearest settlement.

Helgudin named the pup Erafaz, and decided to keep him and train him as an attack hound. She could certainly use a tough, loyal companion (who could be trained to bite annoying monsters who got in her way, like Olnir).

Erafaz took to his training with enthusiasm. Frightening enthusiasm. He quickly went from a shivering little puppy to a crimson-eyed, bloodthirsty killing machine, known far and wide for his savagery and loyalty to his mistress. His lust for battle was so strong that even Helgudin sometimes privately thought that she might have trained him a little too well. However, having such a fearsome beast by her side made Helgudin equally terrifying to others. There’d be no turning her away from now on…

Erafaz is a Dark and Fire Attacker with Area Dodge and Damage Increase skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Area Dodge
Rank 1: Immune to Control
Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains a 25% damage shield at the start of the battle