Slothunder was tracking down a rare book underground when he started to get hungry. Really hungry! The problem was, he’d already eaten all his Monster Snax.

He turned a corner and found himself in a massive room. It was full of dusty old tomes and what looked like treasure chests…but more importantly, it was also home to a huge, tasty-looking mushroom. Salivating, Slothunder loped up to it, closed his eyes, and took an ecstatic bite.


The mushroom turned around, revealing himself to be a very tough-looking, angry monster.

“The heck is your problem, buddy?!”

“I’m…sorry!” Slothunder said. “I thought…it would make me…grow bigger!”

“Where would you get a dumb idea like that?!”

“It’s from an old legend,” Slothunder explained. “See, when monsters…first invented…irrigation…”

Slothunder told the whole myth, and the mushroom monster—who eventually introduced himself as Max Shroom—was fascinated. He didn’t seem to mind Slothunder’s slow speech, and he asked a lot of questions.

Slothunder asked Max to help him find the book so he could go eat. The hunt went so well that Slothunder begged Max to join the Guild so they could keep working together. After being assured no one would bite him, Max agreed.

Max Shroom is a Nature Tank with Taunt and Damage Mirror skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Control
Rank 1: Immune to Poison
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Taunt at the start of the battle