Kihaku had been the democratic leader of the Eastern Regions until Yaoguai Wangzhou took the Throne Room and the rest of the Dojo by darkness. After that, all the monsters in the Honor Dojo were oppressed and persecuted.

Kihaku had always been known for his wisdom and his focus on the longer game, but seeing his friends and the monsters who trusted him suffering like that took a toll on his mental health. He felt powerless and asked everyone to stop addressing him as "Master".

He didn't understand that, even after being taken down, he had been such a great leader that his influence still inspired everyone in the Honor Dojo to resist the persecution and keep fighting. However, this only made him feel worse — old, like dead weight. So while Sensei Pandaken, Wing-su, Master Rat, and all their friends kept the revolution alive, he retired to meditating.

He was meditating one day when, for the first time, he disconnected his soul from his body. For what seemed like thousands of years, Kihaku explored the universe. He saw civilizations rise, decay, and fall. He watched black holes swallow planets. He followed a monster from its birth until its death. The worlds that exist within all worlds were laid bare to his sight, and Kihaku saw everything.

When he returned to his body, only a few hours had passed, yet Kihaku had been completely changed. After living millions of lives and being part of everything, he no longer believed each monster had a single destiny. Many paths could connect into one, and he understood there was still a way for him to be helpful to the Honor Dojo revolution.

That wisdom also allowed him to see Thetys' honesty when she contacted him and promised that she would help them. He understood that her generosity was genuine when she offered him Corallia too, and he took it willingly to transform into the leader his Honor Dojo friends deserved: Tenno Kihaku.

Tenno Kihaku is a Water and Magic Controller with Freeze, Possession, and Stamina Removal skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Status Caster: Applies Stamina Leak to all enemies at the start of the battle
Rank 3: Status Caster: Removes 50% of all Stamina from all enemies at the start of the battle