Thalassa’s parents died when she was young and she was raised by her grandfather Theton Tideborn, King of the Water Realm. Theton very soon stepped aside and let her take the spotlight, aware that she was going to be a natural at ruling with fairness.

He wasn't wrong. As a queen, Thalassa established excellent relationships with the inhabitants of the Water Realm, but also with monsters from other factions. Unfortunately, years into her reign of prosperity, she had to leave the Realm. An invasion of Titan monsters had taken over the universe of Monster Legends and it was only thanks to her and a group of friends that peace was possible again. Thalassa and her friends were known as Warmasters from then on, but while she'd been away, Thalassa had left her daughter General Thetys in charge of the Water Realm. After all, that's the same thing her grandfather had done with her, and she'd turned out a great queen!

But Thetys wasn't like her. She was a talented fighter with outstanding battle skills, but she wasn't prepared to rule. That became obvious when she spent her entire stand-in reign tormenting the population of the Water Realm. She was just a young rebel.

So when Thalassa came back, she had to make a painful decision to take her daughter off the throne by force and reinstate order. Most of the inhabitants of the Realm were endlessly grateful, but Thetys' friends, who had benefited from the chaos during her time, swore they'd take revenge. The one who took it the worst was Thetys. After knowing absolute power, she was never happy as a General on the battlefield again. She protested in every way she could, but her final demonstration took place when she made an alliance with the Dark Emperor of the Eastern Regions, who embodied everything her mother was against.

However, in spite of Thetys' betrayal and her terrible attitude throughout the years, Thalassa still believes that she can make a great ruler out of Thetys. She just needs to:

a) Get Thetys back on her side
b) Spend time with her and slowly but surely delegate queenly duties to her

But to get step a) going, Queen Thalassa's had to dust off her war skills so she can teach both her daughter and the Dark Emperor a lesson!

Queen Thalassa is a Water Controller with Mega Freeze and Freeze Hater skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Tough
Rank 1: Super Attuned
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Freeze Immunity to all allies at the start of the battle