What are Faction Colosseums?


Faction Colosseums are a competitive PvE battle mode. Monster Masters must fight their way through every battle of each Arena in a Colosseum, aiming to get the highest score they can in order to place the highest on the leaderboards and earn rewards! It’s pretty easy! 


But before we jump into the mechanics, a little history… 


The Return of an Ancient Tradition!


Colosseum tournaments have a long history in Petra. The first Colosseum was built by King Yerex of the Light Kingdom and after him, many other faction leaders followed. In these magical venues, local factions would host competitive battles, welcoming neighbors and monsters from other origins. 


The most important part wasn’t to win as easily as possible, but to show skill and make alliances with monsters from the hosting factions and close friends. Of course, the crowds cheered loudest for their local heroes! 


The highest Arenas hosted spectacular battles between top-ranking monsters, including the Ancestors, who had no trouble grabbing the attention of the audience.


It was all about skill, talent, respect and prestige. These healthy competitions, held away from all the wars happening outside the Colosseums, were hugely popular. In fact, they were so popular that they were exported to other planets, like Elektra, and some Faction Colosseums were even built in space!


However, as years went by, the popularity of Colosseum tournaments slowly dwindled. Ancestors started disappearing and, without their support, the population gradually lost interest in show battles.


Colosseums became merely a note in the history books, but now Ancestors are back and… they miss the traditions (and also the love) they used to enjoy in their old days!


The first monster to consider reopening his faction’s Colosseum was King Daeron II. He noticed that Griffania was restless. He thought about ways to bring her spirits up, and it dawned on him: He needed to reopen the Royal Colosseum!


Now that Daeron has opened the door of his Colosseum, every faction will surely follow!


How do Colosseums work?

Colosseums are divided into 5 Arenas where different rarities and generations are allowed to fight:


  • Stone Arena: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic monsters

  • Bronze Arena: Legendary monsters

  • Iron Arena: Original Mythic, Cosmic, and Corrupted monsters

  • Steel Arena: Metropolitan, Doomed, and Blossom monsters

  • Titanium Arena: Galactic, Survivors, Abyssal, and Ancestor monsters


Every Arena has its own leaderboard, and so do each of the 10 battle nodes in every Arena. Your goal will be to get the highest score you can in each battle to climb the leaderboards!


Every time you enter a battle, you’ll be able to choose between three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard


Replay a battle as many times as you want to try and improve your score. The main tricks to do so will be to switch monsters, level them up, or rank them up, but there are other strategies you can try, like equipping them with different runes to increase the amount of Life your monsters have at the end of the battle.


Interested in the scoring system? The next section’s got you covered.


What counts in a battle’s score?


  • Damage dealt: It’s very easy: The more damage you deal to the enemy team, the higher your score.

  • Elemental damage: This is already part of the damage you deal, but using skills that are strong against the elements of your enemies will also grant extra points aside from the damage dealt.

  • Number of turns used: You might not want to rush it in order to deal more damage instead of wiping out your enemies in one go, but if you take too long to end the battle, your score will suffer. Balance between these factors is key!

  • Number of survivors: The number of monsters in your team who make it to the end of the battle counts!

  • Remaining Life: The higher the health of your monsters at the end of the battle, the higher the score.

  • Faction bonus: Using monsters from the host faction or their friendly faction featured in the Colosseum will give you a score bonus. After all, everyone loves their local heroes!

  • Difficulty: If you want to make a big impact on your score, be brave and aim to play on the hardest difficulty!


How long does a Colosseum last and when is it time for rewards?


Every Colosseum will remain open for the length of a Season. However, throughout the Season there will be 4 Stages. Every Stage lasts a week and during this time, Monster Masters must try to accumulate as many points as possible.

At the end of every stage, rewards will be handed out depending on your leaderboard position, your points will be saved for the end of the Season, and a new Stage will start with your score set to zero!


At the end of the Season, your final position on the leaderboard will determine the Colosseum’s final rewards.


What do I need to play?All you need are your monsters and Colosseum Cards. The number of Cards needed to access battles will vary depending on the difficulty you choose.


Like the Stamina you use in Dungeons and the Adventure Map, Colosseum Cards refill on their own over time. However, if you want extra Colosseum Cards, you can buy them at the Era Shop!


Stay tuned for new ways to get Colosseum Cards, coming soon!


Find the Faction Colosseums by tapping on the BATTLES button at the bottom left corner of your main screen.


Enjoy the competition!