Admiral Copperbeard was on a solo jaunt across the Tri-Cluster Region, an area of space riddled with pirates, when six enemy vessels suddenly appeared from behind cloaking devices. Normally, the Admiral would have considered this a fun challenge, but he didn’t relish fighting all by himself, so he flew his ship into the nearest hangar he saw.

Copperbeard planned to lay low and wait for the pirates to leave, but while in the hangar, he spotted something amazing: a rare Obsidian sword! It was mounted on the wall of the hangar in a glass box, just out of reach. Determined to make his dangerous little trip worthwhile, Copperbeard decided to take it. He was looking for a ladder when suddenly:

“You don’t look like a pirate.”

Copperbeard whirled around to see his dream girl staring at him with an amused look on her metallic face. “Uh…what?” was his clever rejoinder.

“I said, you don’t look like a pirate. Your face is too…sweet.”

Copperbeard giggled with delight, then caught himself and frowned. “I’m no soft lad, ye shiny temptress! I’m Admiral Copperbeard, captain of the Curse of the Cosmos! And I’ll be taking yer sword.”


“No, don’t ye try any of yer siren’s tricks on me! Or I’ll— I’ll—” Copperbeard ran out of steam, unable to launch a sufficiently piratey insult at her.

“It’s not mine, and I’m going to help you steal it,” said the vision of loveliness patiently. “Lift me up so I can unlock the box, and we’ll be away in minutes. Oh, I’m Surgenia, by the way.”

Copperbeard plopped the gorgeous lady on his shoulders, she picked the lock on the box in record time, and before long they were indeed sailing away to safety.

It only took Copperbeard a few minutes to convince Surgenia to join the Curse of the Cosmos crew. It only took Surgenia a few minutes to convince Copperbeard to kiss her. It was instant robotic love, the kind that lasts a lifetime. (Or at least until the next scheduled maintenance upgrade.)

Surgenia is a Thunder and Metal Attacker with Fugitive Hater and Bleeding Hater Traits, Bleeding, Negative Effect Removal, and Damage Increase skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Fear
Rank 1: Immune to Possessed
Rank 3: Gains Bleeding Hater at the start of the battle