Lovestruck was once part of a high choir of powerful angelic beings who guarded the heavens and watched over living monsters. They spent their days singing beautiful cosmic music and gently guiding monsters to make good choices, be kind to one another, and treat everyone with respect. It was lovely, peaceful, and calm…

…and the most soul-crushingly boring existence possible, as far as Lovestruck was concerned! Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore. Lovestruck started playing mind games on the monsters he was supposed to be watching, making them do weird stuff for no reason except that it amused him to watch.

Most of all, though, he loved trolling monsters by making them temporarily fall in love with each other. Watching the looks on love-drunk faces change from besotted to absolutely horrified once they came back to reality was incredibly satisfying! Lovestruck started messing with monsters more and more, until he was literally just destroying lives with a flick of his finger. He was out of control!

It took the other angels a long time to notice Lovestruck’s antics, but when they did, their judgment was swift and merciless. Lovestruck was cast out of the heavens and stripped of his angelic powers. They even gave him a huge, pulsating heart for a head, as extra punishment.

Lovestruck was no longer an angel, but since he managed to grab his magic bow and arrows before being banished, he could still force monsters to fall in love with anyone and anything. And he even liked his new look, thinking it would trick monsters into believing he truly was working on the side of love. So despite his banishment, Lovestruck’s actually living his best life! Just be sure to duck his arrows, or you might end up falling in love with your worst enemy.

Lovestruck is a Fire and Magic Controller with Possession, Damage Reduction, Burn, and Curse skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Blind
Rank 1: Immune to Possessed
Rank 3: Status Caster: Applies Guard Down to one enemy at the start of the battle