Queen Basthet and Roareth have a long history. While they’ve never publicly acknowledged each other as more than colleagues, it’s widely known that they’re also close friends. Less known, but certainly whispered about, are rumors that Roareth and Basthet were once engaged to be married.

As far as anyone knows, the story is that when Basthet first returned to the Free Reigns, Roareth proposed. Basthet accepted at first, then suddenly changed her mind after becoming Queen, and gently told Roareth the wedding was off. Why? Most monsters believe she simply wanted to focus on running her new realm, and felt that having a new husband would be a distraction. But a handful of very well-informed monsters say Basthet didn’t want to force Roareth to live in a palace when he could be roaming free across the Roaring Sands, that she loved him too much to let him be tamed, and that they agreed to part so they could both be happy.

Whatever the truth about their past may be, it’s obvious that Roareth and Queen Basthet are still unshakeable allies. No matter how far away he may roam, Roareth always comes swiftly to his Queen’s side whenever she needs him.

Roareth is an Earth and Light Attacker with Torture Immunity, Quicksands, Sandstorm, and Evasion skills.

Evolving trait:

Rank 0: Immune to Tortures
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Status Caster: Apples Quicksands to all enemies at the start of the battle