Monstown has been trying to replace the city’s green spaces ever since Malairion destroyed them to make room for his Nebula Multiplier, so the town board ordered a very expensive Blackbarry-model reforestation robot from Global Tech, Ltd.

Once Blackbarry arrived, it went right to work planting seeds in every desolate corner of Monstown. They grew quickly, and after only a few days, every spot Blackbarry had visited was turning a pale, hopeful green.

Unfortunately, Blackbarry’s debut came at the same time as the Skeels’ visit. The very uncivilized cosmo civilization were in Monstown to pick up a transmission tower, which they planned to use in their war against the Abominations. But once they spotted Blackbarry whirring away, they decided the little robot had some skills they could use, so they tied it to the transmission tower and took off.

Blackbarry found a whole new purpose while under Skeel control. In fact, it was Tyrant Skeel himself who made the final modification. Now, instead of carrying seeds, Blackbarry’s packing orbs of pure antimatter, which he uses to make his allies stronger. Hopefully, there aren’t any remnants of his former programming—it could be dangerous if Blackbarry accidentally tried to plant antimatter.

Blackbarry is a Nature and Metal Support with Damage Boosts and Healing skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Tough
Rank 1: Torture Immunity
Rank 3: Gains Immunity to Stun at the start of the battle