This ancient green spirit traveled with the wind at the beginning of time, until it found fertile land in western Petra. Robur seeded every corner of that land until it all became green and started growing. Centuries later, the Cardinal Forest was populated not only by the greenest of trees, but it was also home to thousands of different creatures, all thanks to Robur's blessing. He was so much a part of the Cardinal Forest that it was an extension of himself. However, as the forest community grew, conflict appeared. The creatures who lived in the swamp, on the darker side of the land, didn't interact a lot with forest-dwellers from other areas. In fact, the other creatures ended up doing less and less to include the swamp population in communal activities.

Their differences became stronger than their similarities, and the fallout happened almost naturally. Robur tried to mediate between the two newly formed factions, but his efforts were fruitless. There was too much hatred on both sides.

This separation affected Robur physically, and blight started spreading through his body. He started noticing the symptoms affecting his body in the trees of the forest, too. Robur immediately knew: if he wanted to stop the infection, he needed to leave the forest. So he did.

Robur’s departure stopped the blight from destroying all trees in the Cardinal Forest and saved the entire habitat. However, the magic inherent to him also disappeared, the Forest Elders were left without a leader, and the conflict between the two factions was unbridgeable for decades. The fallout wasn't permanent, though: As both Pure Gaia and Wicked Gaia faced common difficulties, their leaders, Queen Zahra and Anwrikah, gradually put their differences aside.

Queen Zahra and Anwrikah still weren't best friends by any means, but it was while discussing yet another impending war when they realized the value of burying the hatchet. If they could reconcile their people, they would be able to restore Robur's magic and protection and be as strong as they once were again. They didn't hesitate for a second and made it happen: Zahra and Anwrikah mixed vials of their magical sap, curing their own wounds as well as Robur’s blight. Then, they raised their voices to the universe, begging the Ancestor to come back. So he did. Robur is back to a Cardinal Forest that still has two factions, but it’s two factions who understand each other and work together in harmony.

Does this mean that Wicked Gaia don’t have their own Ancestor? Good question, Monster Master. You’ll find out one day.

Robur Oldenshield is an Earth and Nature Tank with Damage Mirror skills and Shield Slam, which allows him to lose Shields and use part of the Life they grant to damage enemies.


Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Mountain
Rank 1: 25% Damage Mirror
Rank 5: Status Caster - Applies a 25% Life Shield to all allies at the start of the battle

- 50% Damage Mirror
- Tough