Centuries ago, when the city of Atlantis sank as a consequence of its corruption, it landed right on top of Theton's portion of the seabed. He was devastated, but the chaos he saw inside that city made him act quickly. It was full of monsters who didn't belong in the ocean and were desperate. One of them was Lord of Atlantis. He had been one of the culprits for the catastrophe: His management of the city had been absolutely awful. However, the tragedy was a wake-up call for him, and he was the one to ask for Theton's help. Theton took it upon himself to teach everyone how to survive in the ocean. Some of the citizens of Atlantis didn't make it, the water being too harsh on them or just because their nature made it impossible for them to survive. But everyone who did make it knew straight away that Theton's guidance was a blessing. They all wanted and needed a fresh start, so they made him King of their new Water civilization under the name of Theton Tideborn to honor the fact that he was the only one of them born in the ocean.

Lord of Atlantis redeemed himself soon, making up for the mistakes he had made on the surface with sacrifice and goodwill. King Theton Tideborn knew his attitude to be authentic, so he took him in as a soldier and advisor and, because he learned so much so quickly about the ocean, he's been able to survive until our days, now transformed into Duke of Atlantis. He remains the current queen's faithful soldier and advisor.

As for Theton Tideborn, he ruled fairly for many years, had a family and eventually abdicated in favor of his brilliant daughter, Thenia. After a period of transition, he decided to fully leave, but he promised his daughter that, whenever she or someone from his lineage needed guidance, he would gladly come back to help like he did at the origins of the Water Realm. All they needed to do was remember how his blood runs through their veins to summon him.

Years later, his beloved granddaughter, Queen Thalassa, made the decision to summon him. However, someone else from Theton's lineage beat her to it... And that became a problem.

Theton Tideborn is a Water and Magic Controller with Cooldown Activation and random Control skills.
Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Bulwark
Rank 3: Resurrection Block
Rank 5: Status Caster - Applies Life Regeneration to all allies at the start of the battle

Virtue: Anticipation
Virtue: True Vision

*Virtues are activated once the Ancestor has Awakened.