Gaspagore was the king of an unimportant minor kingdom not far from the borders of the Light Kingdom. His realm was quiet, peaceful…and very dull.

“If I were the leader of the Light Kingdom, my life would have meaning,” he complained to his advisor. “All I ever do is make appearances at the turnip market. I want to do something important!”

The advisor smiled like a shadow. “But my King,” they said in a calm voice, “That is a simple matter to correct. All you need to do is remove King Daeron, and the Light Kingdom will be yours.”

At first, Gaspagore scoffed at this dangerous advice. But the advisor had planted a terrible seed in his mind, and it grew until Gaspagore was consumed with thoughts of conquering the Light Kingdom.

“How can I possibly win against Daeron’s forces? They’re huge, compared to my handful of soldiers!” Gaspagore complained.

“I’ll give you some magic incense to put inside your weapon,” the advisor explained coolly. “Just wave it around, and anyone within its range will fall asleep. You’ll be able to walk straight up to the throne and take a seat, my king.” Gaspagore eagerly agreed to this plan.

The next morning, Gaspagore stood outside the gates of the Light Kingdom. “King Daeron!” he shouted. “I…DECLARE…WAR!”

The sentries came towards him, weapons drawn, and Gaspagore smugly lit the incense and began wafting the smoke toward them. For a moment, he felt wild triumph…

Then the wind changed.

Gaspagore accidentally inhaled the incense. He coughed for so long and so hard on the magic smoke that his face turned purple. “Help!” he managed to choke out to the oncoming sentries. “I can’t breathe!” The advisor quietly disappeared as the sentries began to laugh at Gaspagore’s gasping face.

A very quiet Gaspagore is now happy to reign in his tiny, peaceful kingdom. He’s slightly less happy about still being purple, though…

Gaspagore is a Magic and Light Attacker with Repentance, Curse, and Triple Damage skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: True Vision
Rank 1: Immune to Stun
Rank 3: Status Caster - All allies gain Immunity to Possession and Corruption at the start of the battle