No combination of mystic magical reagents is beyond Alchemystic’s grasp. Anything that can help him win a battle goes straight into a bottle. There’s no one quite like him, and he’s been doing this for so many years that he never makes a mistake…at least, that’s what most monsters believe. But that’s because they’ve never seen the dark dungeon underground where Alchemystic houses his failed experiments.

It’s not that Alchemystic won’t admit his failures, it’s just that the sight of those test subjects makes him feel guilty. Terribly guilty. So guilty, in fact, that any monster who survives Alchemystic’s potions with bad effects gets immediately locked away forever, never to be seen again by anyone.

What happens to them once they’re down there? No one knows, certainly not Alchemystic. But every night, as he climbs into bed miles above his tormented captives, he lies back and waits with his eyes open. Will this be the night? Will they finally rise up and take revenge against him for his twisted experimentations? It’s a good thing Alchemystic has plenty of sleeping potion recipes, or he’d probably never get any shut-eye. There’s truly no rest for the wicked here.

Alchemystic is an Earth and Nature Controller with Stun and Random Tortures skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Immunity to Blind
Rank 1: True Vision
Rank 3: Status Caster: Gains Immunity to Torture at the start of the battle