General Thetys was done waiting. She'd done her waiting and her turn didn't seem to arrive. She wanted to rule, but her mother, Queen Thalassa, wasn't willing to let go of the Throne of the Water Realm. Apparently, Thetys was ""too volatile and unreliable"" to take over the role. How dare Thalassa! There was absolutely no reason for her to believe that. Thetys might have misbehaved a bit when she stood in for her mother some years ago, when Thalassa had to run by the side of her fellow Warmasters. During that time, Thetys might have been a bit cruel to her subjects. She might have increased taxes only for the monsters she didn't like. She might have suspended audiences with the inhabitants of the Realm in favor of holding more private parties at the court. She might have banished and attacked one or two of her mother's counselors when they tried to spoil the fun for her... But other than that she was a great stand-in queen and her mother's mistrust was completely unjustified!

The point is... Thetys was desperate to rule and an unlikely opportunity showed up while she was on holidays on the Eastern Regions' coast. She ran into the Emperor, Yaoguai Wangzhou and, after discussing their frustrations, they realized they could help each other while doing one of the things they both enjoyed the most: annoying many monsters. Thetys casually mentioned that there was a treasure at the bottom of the ocean, a type of coral that had extraordinary properties. Wangzhou had something that interested Thetys as well... He said that there was room for one more ruler in the Eastern Regions, because the Throne of the Empress was vacant. It made Thetys think that, if she wasn't going to rule in the Water Realm, any realm would do. After that conversation, the plan almost developed itself, really.

Thetys went back home, talked to her friends and allies and, weeks later, she returned to the Eastern Regions with the treasure under her arm, a brand new appearance, brand new powers, and a brand new name, a name for an Empress: Mighty Thetys. After all, she wasn't going to deliver a product without trying it first!

Mighty Thetys is a Water and Dark Controller with Stamina Removal, Fear, Stamina Leak, Taunt Removal, and Maximum Stamina Decrease skills.
Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Tough
Rank 1: Super Attuned
Rank 3: Status Caster - Removes 25% of all enemies' Stamina at the start of the battle