In Ancient times, young elf Yerex was playing on a field when he saw a group of Griffexes attacking a Griffin egg. Even at his age, he already knew that those two creatures were natural rivals. He scared the Griffexes away and took the egg with him to protect it. Otherwise, they'd be back to attack it. It took several months for the egg to hatch, but when it did, Yerex felt like he had known the baby his entire life. Griffania — that's how he named the baby Griffin — grew up fast, but also... a lot. She was huge in a matter of a couple of years. Everyone in his village was impressed with Yerex's pet, but Yerex never treated Griffania as such. He always saw her for what she was: an incredibly intelligent, majestic creature, but above anything else, he saw her as his friend.\n
They were very happy in their little village until a Dark army raided and burned it down. After that horrible attack, the villagers were forced to embark on a nomad life and, almost naturally, Yerex and Griffania led their way. Griffania was extremely good at keeping everyone safe, and Yerex showed incredible maturity for his age. He always knew where to go next and, one battle against the Dark army at a time, he created alliances with other Light villages until his following was enormous. All thanks to him and Griffania, whose strength earned her the loving nickname of "Ironwings".

After many years of wandering Petra, Yerex was a bit old and tired to live a nomad's life, but so were many of his followers, so he decided to settle down on a beautiful prairie between the Cardinal Forest and a lordless land of castles. However, thanks to his good work, the village thrived quickly and it became quite a rich city. So rich that it attracted the attention of thieves and lords trying to conquer it. Only Griffania Ironwings' protection saved the city from assaults while Yerex and the rest of the citizens built walls and a castle to keep its limits safe. By the time the construction works were done, the city looked like a kingdom. It was only missing a king and there was no discussion at all on who should be given the title. King Yerex was crowned by acclamation, and Griffania Ironwings was named Perpetual Protector of the Light Kingdom.

A couple of years later, King Yerex died in peace, knowing that he'd dedicated his entire life to his people and that, even with him gone, Griffania would eternally protect the Kingdom. And he was right to believe that because, even though centuries later Griffania went into the universe to rest, she left certain elements behind so that, whenever she was needed, any king of the Light Kingdom would be able to summon her.

Griffania Ironwings is a Light and Metal Attacker with Evasion, Pierce, and Damage Increase skills. She will Awaken after your team attacks 5 times.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Control
Rank 0: Trait Protection
Rank 3: Hardened
Rank 5: Status Caster - Gains True Vision at the start of the battle
Virtue: Skill Mirror
Virtue: Minor Damage Boost

*Virtues are activated once the Ancestor has Awakened.