Azajinn was trapped for ten thousand years in a tiny, tiny space. However, it wasn’t a lamp or a bottle—it was an empty can of Monster Snax! The only reason he managed to escape was because Warmaster Sherezar accidentally released him while looking for some nibbles. Screaming for revenge against the monsters who had trapped him, Azajinn came pouring out of the can and attacked Warmaster Sherezar the second he could.\n
Although Sherezar had a good chuckle at the sight of an angry djinn exploding from an old snack container, it soon became clear that Azajinn’s powers were nothing to laugh about. The Warmaster soon found himself in terrible danger—this unexpected genie had powerful magic on his side, and he was angry enough to do anything to anyone. 

Azajinn soon overpowered Warmaster Sherezar and had him pinned painfully against a wall. In a desperate final strike, Sherezar futilely struck out with the container’s lid. He smacked Azajinn right on the head and, to his shock, the genie went *poof*! 

Unable to fully believe what he’d just seen, the Warmaster peered at the lid. Sure enough, a tiny, even angrier little Azajinn was stuck in the lid! He yelled and shook his teeny little fist, but he was just too small and adorable to be scary anymore.

Sherezar laughed with delight and put the lid back on the can of Monster Snax. Now that Azajinn was under the Warmaster’s control, he’d certainly make a fine weapon for the Magic Council to use. As long as he stayed bound to Sherezar, anyways…

Azajinn is a Magic Tank with Shields, Damage Protection, Bane, and Curse skills.
Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Taunt
Rank 1: Immune to Bleed
Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains a 50% Shield at the start of the battle