General Thetys is done waiting. She wants to rule and, if Queen Thalassa won’t step down and trust her with the Throne of the Water Realm, then any throne will do! But her ambition has brought her to make a dangerous alliance, and she’s taken the ocean’s most precious treasure with her.

What is Thetys up to? Will Thalassa be able to stop her on her own? It looks like she’s going to have to call on her allies… and the ancient allies of her allies, too.

Abyssal Mythics
Starting with Thetys and her power move, a new generation of Mythic Monsters has come to impose their rule. These new Mythics will be the strongest monsters to date, and they come with their own Books, traits, and skills... However, Abyssal monsters will be a smaller group than previous generations, with fewer new monsters showing up per Season. Get as many Abyssal monsters as you can: eat or be eaten!

To rank up your Abyssal Mythics, you'll need the new special rank-up resource, a magical type of coral that Thetys should’ve never stolen from the bottom of the ocean: Corallia. Corallia will unlock the true power of your Mythic monsters, so get your hands on some of it before your enemies do! You can use Corallia to rank-up all generations of Mythic monsters, but remember that Abyssal Mythics will only allow Corallia to be ranked-up. Astronite will be used exclusively to rank up Galactic monsters in this new reign of Corallia!

Meet the Ancestors
Abyssal Mythics haven’t arrived on their own. They’re bringing out their most secret ancient allies! The Ancestors have returned to stake their claim on the universe of Monster Legends! Ancestors are a new rarity of monsters, the most powerful ones ever seen. Each Ancestor belongs to a faction, and they are unique monsters: Ancestors live in their own habitats, you can only possess one Ancestor of the same type (no duplicates), and they can't be ranked-up with any resources other than their own Cells. Collecting their Cells to rank them up may be a challenging feat, but once you get there, you’ll be unstoppable!

The Ancestors will be available only at their gate in Pandalf's Conjuring, so if you want a chance to get them, you will need to gather as many Summon Tickets as you can. And, if you're lucky, you may also summon other exclusive Abyssal Mythics that will work wonderfully by the Ancestor’s side at the same gate or get extra resources to rank-up Mythic monsters from previous generations.

In battle, Ancestors change the rules of the game: once specific conditions are met, Ancestors will awaken, transforming into their true powerful form, obtaining 2 extra Virtues (Virtues are traits that cannot be disabled), and ready to launch their Special Skill at your command. Once you unleash the Ancestor's Special Skill, they will go back to their regular form and prepare to awaken their power again.

Ancestors and Abyssal Mythics will be the main characters of this Era's most memorable battles, and not only because of their power: certain Abyssal monsters will have powerful synergies with the Ancestor of their faction, and at the same time, each Ancestor has a specific way to block another Ancestor's strengths. Balance is key, and you will soon learn how important that is.

Ancestors and Abyssal Mythics won't have any new Talents, so get ready for an Era of hard battles: only the strongest will survive.

Rank-Up Survival Dungeons
Monsters from this Era won't have a Rank-Up Survival Dungeon, but you’ll still be able to obtain rank-up resources for monsters of previous generations from these dungeons. You will also find extra monster cells for multiple monster types in Pandalf's Conjuring.

Ancestral Relics
Only the best for the best: to give your Abyssal Mythics and Ancestors the best chances to dominate battles, you will be able to equip them with Ancestral Relics, an exclusive new tier of relics created for Abyssal Mythics and Ancestors. Ancestral Relics will have abilities similar to Talents, but more balanced, and they will introduce new skills or abilities depending on the faction or generation of monsters you fight against! You definitely don't want to miss out on them.

New Adventure Map Islands
Ask and you shall receive: six new Adventure Islands are waiting for you to explore them and reap many rewards. Time to live new adventures!

Team Shop Update
To keep you and your Team coming back to slay your opponents in Team Wars, we’ve refreshed the Team Shop’s offers so that they adapt better to your needs and wishes. 

Era Sagas’ New Schedule
To make the Era Sagas more paced, accessible, and enjoyable for the entire Monster Legends community, we will change the way they're released and the criteria to access them: from now on, there will be just one Era Saga per Season, and you’ll be able to play each of them using the monsters of a specific faction. This way, the number of monsters you can use to play isn’t reduced to one protagonist! 

Balancing Changes
We will apply changes to rebalance the power advantage between different rank-ups to ensure a better and more predictable power increase. 

Lots of things are coming your way in this Era! Stay tuned to learn more about Ancestors, balancing changes, the new Era Sagas, and more. As always, your feedback is crucial to us, so let us know what you think via our official channels. Sea you in the Floating Islands, Monster Masters!