Klawax comes from a long line of bounty hunters. That may sound impressive, but none of Klawax’s ancestors ever rose to the heights of galactic fame, preferring to stay under the radar and only accept low-risk bounties. Klawax’s father always told him that this was the safest and wisest way to be a hunter, and that drawing attention to himself would only lead to trouble.

But Klawax knows that he belongs on the path of fame, no matter what his father might think! He’s going to break the family tradition and shoot straight for the top, going after the biggest and baddest bounties in the galaxy. Gold and glory await, and Klawax won’t have them waiting for long. He just has to stay a long, long way ahead of the competition.

Klawax is a Fire Thunder Attacker with Guard Down, Guard Down Hater, Bleeding, and Ignite skills.

Evolving trait:
Rank 0: Cold Blood
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Immune to Bleed
Rank 4: Status Caster - Gains Precision at the start of the battle
Rank 5: Status Caster - Applies Guard Down to one enemy at the start of the battle